people asking me what kind of music i like is such a stressful experience

yes… or even worse, what kind of music I play 😨


Here it is- the premiere of our music video for "Not Dead, Just Lying Very Still". We’d like to once again thank our friend Travis Boone for making it all happen.


NEW S***Good news- we have some new merch options up on our Bandcamp!
A limited edition (out of 50) run of CDs are now up for only $5.
After tour, we have ONLY 2 cassettes tapes left, so grab one while you can!
AND finally, we added a t-shirt and CD combo option to help you save a few bones and combine shipping costs.
Click here to view on Bandcamp.
p.s. If you ordered anything previously- it’s all out in the mail. We <3 you.

Teen Lust and Manifest the Machine are the soundtrack to our post-tour celebration.


thetinyuglygerms representing manifestthemachine 💕💕

Weird, I look like I slept in a van in a Walmart parking lot.

"Women Are Smarter, That’s Right!"